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Max's kitbag of tools include his skill in being a...

Certified Speaking Professional, Master Communicator, Corporate Connecter, Storyteller, Writer/Author and much more!

Speaker Max

Max has hosted 3,000 plus hours of 'live' television, bringing another strong positive to the presenter role. He is well educated, well traveled, a wonderful story teller and a successful businessman.

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Writer Max

Max Walker, famous for his sporting exploits, is also the author of 14 books with sales exceeding 1 million copies including seven No 1 best sellers.

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Maxxing Max

Maxxing is a fun word that has a serious heart. It's a Max word that, in essence, means to polish, to stretch the boundaries, to expand the interest range.

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Sports Max

Max was one of a select group of sportsmen who played both Senior VFL/AFL Football and Test Cricket. He played 94 senior games with the Melbourne Football Club and 13 years of first class cricket with Victoria and Australia.

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A keen photographer since the age of 10 Max is very much at home behind the lens. He is a prolific snapper.

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Max Ink

Engage to the Max, fountain pen dinosaur and silver cyber surfer.
Stay up to date with the ever changing Wide World of Max.

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Ruffled feathers

The kookaburra, so Australian, such a unique call and stature. Most importantly, it’s a meat-eating hunter with the patience of a statue, laser vision and pin-point accuracy in strike mode. It is common knowledge that the feathered photographic icons, with the sharp horizontal beaks and deep throat, will watch a snake for ages before launching […]

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Barrow Island

Oddly, the woman at the check-in desk asked to view any footwear that would accompany me to Barrow Island – site of the iconic Gorgan resources project. The remote island is a Grade A nature reserve. This presents a unique environment, overlaid with a set of strict compliance guidelines to operate with. Basically, flora and […]

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Bad Reflections

Question: How do I stop reflection in my glasses when filming in front of a Green Screen? Answer: This is a common problem … If the lens is in the same plane (vertical, like the eye wear being worn) and at same the level, the reflection of the Green Screen will be visible in glasses. […]

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